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From lease premises plans and building surveys, to structure monitoring and topographical mapping, we can do it all. Our services include detailed boundary surveys as well as structure monitoring services if required. At City Surveyors Adelaide, our team of experienced professionals offer professional services from consultation to completion. City Surveyors Adelaide
We use sophisticated surveying techniques such as laser scanning to provide comprehensive results within shorter turnaround times. As experienced surveyors, we understand how important it is to accurately document boundaries, points of reference and changes in land rights. We can help you with anything from cadastral surveyor services to subdividing a parcel of land in Adelaide.

Residential Surveyors in Adelaide - Making the Difference

We can also help you apply for land division applications, complete a land appraisal form and undertake engineering surveys. We are highly experienced in this area, having completed many projects for residential surveyors, developers and other clients over the years. City Surveyors provide a comprehensive range of services for all types of projects, from residential surveys to commercial developments. We use the most advanced surveying techniques for these forms so that our clients can rest assured that their data is accurate.
Residential Surveyors in Adelaide - Making the Difference
Subdivision Surveys: Experience Counts

Subdivision Surveys: Experience Counts

At City Surveyors Adelaide, we pride ourselves on providing impeccable service when it comes to land appraisals, division applications and boundary disputes. We can also provide structure monitoring services throughout Adelaide. Our expertise doesn't end at planning leases though.

Civil Surveys: Get one of the most Accurate Outcomes

We also marked out the boundaries so there was no confusion as to who owned what part of the property. Our years of experience give us an edge when it comes to understanding land rights whilst also providing reliable surveying services that won't let you down. Plus, we offer a range of other related land surveying services including construction setout and topographic surveys. Our services are tailored to meet your needs, whether you need a full site survey or just a specific area surveyed.
Civil Surveys: Get  one of the most Accurate  Outcomes
Construction Surveyor Solutions in Adelaide
We are absolutely the experts when it comes to land surveying in Adelaide! Our professional services span from consultation right through to completion and, with our experienced licensed surveyors, you can rest assured that we will get the job done quickly and accurately. Our team can also help with boundary disputes by providing accurate boundary data which can be used to settle any disagreement between parties involved. Let’s take a look at our construction surveys and stockpile volumes services. When it comes to mapping the landscape of Adelaide, City Surveyors are the cartographers of the city. Whether you need assistance with boundary surveys or require advice on subdivision costs in South Australia, we are here to help!No matter what type of surveying service you require, our team at city surveyors adelaide can assist you every step of the way.
Surveyor Adelaide: Obtain the Job Done Right
We can offer cost effective solutions for any project you have in mind. Our work covers all areas in Adelaide, South Australia, and beyond. Our expert advice has been trusted by many, as we ensure accuracy and precision with all our work. No matter what type of survey you need, City Surveyors Adelaide has you covered with our comprehensive range of land surveying services.
Surveyor Adelaide:  Obtain the Job Done Right